If there's a better
way to do something

Why we Do

We're inspired by Do-Er's because Do-Er's create things. They have a vision and do something about it. Do-Ers see a better way and want other people to see what they do to make the world a better place, whether that world is a small group of people or the entire world. Do-Er's are positive, optimistic and innovative. They might not have all the answers and don't expect things to be perfect, they just want to improve things by putting their touch on them.
And we aspire to Do the same.

Italian mineral water, untouched from the mountain to your mouth.

There's a saying 'Italians do it better' and for years they've been bottling mineral water in paper packs as a positive alternative to plastic. We couldn't find anyone offering such an alternative in Australia because the Aseptic machines needed to bottle 500ml paper packs aren't currently available, so we decided to do something about it.

From the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, comes mineral water from an artesian source 300mt below the mountain 'Monte di Deu', far from industrial pollution. Just clear skies and pure water.

It takes hundreds of years for rain water to reach the depth from where it is extracted and during this time, granite, a very hard rock, clears the water of impurities without releasing any sediment.

The mineral water is bottled directly on the mountain. Nothing is added to the water and because it's so pure it does not require any treatment at all, unlike many other bottled waters. These unique packs seal all the goodness and retain the purities of the water until you pour it. At this point the water is exposed to light and air for the first time in hundreds of years from its journey at the source, producing a microbiologically pure water straight from the mountain.

Determined to bring paper water bottles to Australia, we searched for the best way to fill paper packs directly at the source in Italy. Thankfully shipping has low CO2 impact and we've made every effort to reduce our carbon footprint by offsetting the transport related emissions.

So, until we can bottle these paper packs in Australia we're doing what we can to help reduce our reliance on plastic by offering Australians a paper alternative.

Bottled at the source in Sardinia, Italy. From the mountain to your mouth, it's pure nature in your hands.